My first PNS

Last week I attended my first Post-Normal Science Symposium in Tubingen (#PNS3). I am absolutely delighted. In my rather short academic career I haven’t seen many conferences with such level of theoretical discussion.  The first day during the breakfast at the hotel, a lady in the room asked us: what is post-normal science? And most of us started to laugh. Well, after two days of engaged conversations, I realize that I still don’t know. My current perception is that there is no one single definition of what PNS is: a set of practices and principles, a toolkit, the low church of STS…My best guess is that:

  1. It is a community of people sharing interest for quality in science and in science for governance as well as values around an ‘ethos of care’.
  2. It is a space for continuous reflexivity on the meaning of those values and of the concepts that frame the PNS analyst lenses.

Beyond that, I just know that I don’t know J

Here is my contribution to the conference, some preliminary results from an on-goin Project with the New Water Culture Foundation in which we are trying to operate as an extended peer comunity.


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